Guardforce protective Services operates under a standard forged through decades of unsurpassed expertise. We present Elite Security Services.

 A force at the forefront of security intelligence, Guardforce understands the most vital element to successful security; your unique needs. We develop and design custom security plans and private protection programs together with our diverse clients, listening carefully to your individual goals and concerns. This proven approach along with our community oriented ideology sets us apart from the competition and yields meticulously drafted strategy designed to eliminate obstacles and surpass standards.

Guardforce's commitment to creating the safest possible environment for its clients and their patrons has culminated in an unparalleled standard of excellence and long-term client relationships. Our renowned expertise is highly respected throughout the industry and has garnered an impeccable reputation. As a result, our services are called on regularly to coordinate sophisticated security operations for prominent arenas, high-end red carpet events, political gatherings, large retail shopping malls, commercial office buildings and office parks, and more. Regardless of the setting, Guardforce is proud to serve you as the definitive industry leader in professional security services.